Life After Harry Potter: What Will Happen to Its Stars?

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Биографии | Разместил 30.07.2011
Life After Harry Potter: What Will Happen to Its Stars?

Эти трое вместе творили чудеса на экране. Но что случилось, когда они разошлись по одному? В этом ролике речь идет о тройке самых главных звезд Гарри Поттера и их карьере после окончания киносаги. 



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These three made magic together on-screen. But what happened when they went solo? Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at the three major Harry Potter stars, and their careers in a post-Potter world.

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“When you are in the middle of something this big you can't see how far it stretches. You get weirdly accustomed to things like seeing your face on a bus, or seeing a little Lego version of yourself, or seeing somebody dressed as you.”

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The Harry Potter film saga debuted in 2001 and was instantly a worldwide success. Its popularity catapulted the three young stars to fame, and gave them steady jobs for the next ten years.

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However, this blessing was also a curse, as the trio ran the risk of being typecast for the remainder of their careers. Following the final installment of the Harry Potter film series in 2011, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were forced to transition from teen roles within the J.K. Rowling tale, or risk being forgotten like so many child stars before them.

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There’s no better way to start than with Harry Potter himself. While Daniel Radcliffe experimented briefly outside of the series, his most notable appearance outside of Hogwarts came in 2007 when he began starring in the British stage production of the Peter Shaffer play, “Equus.” He followed that up the next year by taking the play to Broadway.

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Radcliffe’s edgy role as a young man with a religious and sexual obsession with horses garnered him a number of award nominations and wins. This gave him the credibility to star in a revival of the Broadway musical, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” in 2011, alongside Tony Award-winner John Larroquette.

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Radcliffe also attempted to grow up with his on-screen roles, following his turn as the boy wizard. His first post-Potter film was the 2012 horror-thriller “The Woman in Black,” and the role was a departure for the young actor. With Harry Potter firmly behind him, Radcliffe proved himself a talented actor, on the stage and on the screen.

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Rupert Grint was chosen for the role of Ron Weasley after only having acted in school plays. Since then, he has portrayed the hero’s best friend through the series of eight films, and made a number of other film appearances in both comedies and dramas during that time as well.
Life after Potter proved busy for this red-head. Fortunately for Grint, the pressure to successfully transition into an A-list movie star was more squarely placed on his two co-stars. This left him with the freedom to choose smaller roles in independent films.

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Emma Watson decided to ditch the persona of the brainy and bushy-haired Hermione with a drastic haircut. Watson’s haircut proved to be a key piece of her transformation, as it helped audiences see her in a different way and helped her move past the little girl look. Meanwhile, modeling helped Watson seem more mature, as well.

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The acting roles Watson chose for her first post-Potter projects solidified her new, edgy image. These included the British drama, “My Week with Marilyn,” and the big screen adaptation of the cult hit teen novel, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

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“When I first started out, the director would literally have to direct me as the camera was rolling, you know, and it really steered me in a big way and now I can make my own choices and I have my own instincts about it and I know how a film set runs and works and just how a movie is made, so I think that’s pretty huge.”

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As Pottermania drew to a close, fans celebrated and mourned the end of an era. While it was clear the three stars who brought the main characters to life would continue to grace the silver screen, they were forced to prove themselves and solidify their places in film history.

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to take a look

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steady job

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to run the risk

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to prove oneself

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to move past

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Три молодых актера мгновенно стали звездами.

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Они получили постоянную работу на следующие десять лет.

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Они рисковали остаться забытыми, как многие дети-звезды до них.

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Это было его первое появление на большом экране.

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Режиссеру приходилось командовать ей.

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