Taylor Lautner Profile - His Life Story

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We know you want to hear the details on Taylor Lautner. Keep watching for the Twilight hottie's profile.

Hi, I'm Dana Ward with Clevver TV. In this episode, we're talking all about Taylor Lautner.

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Taylor Lautner did indeed have an entire life before grabbing the role of Jacob in 2008's Twilight film. While the werewolf character really catapulted Taylor Lautner into stardom, his big-time breakout into the industry was at the age of 13 when, because of his karate experience, he booked a starring action role in The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lavagirl 3-D. Taylor intensely trained in martial arts starting from the age of 6, and through the years, he won several gold medals and ranked number-1 internationally in multiple Black Belt competitions. In fact, it was reportedly his instructor who encouraged Taylor Lautner to audition for a Burger King ad when he was 7, which he didn't book but it made him want to pursue acting and ultimately he and his family moved to sunny Los Angeles at the age of 10. Did I mention Taylor Lautner supposedly was a very good student, even through the training and the move?

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During the last few years in Southern California, you could have caught Taylor Lautner in The Bernie Mac Show, Summerland, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, My Wife and Kids and more.

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The reported basics on Taylor Daniel Lautner include that he's 5-10-and-a-half, his heritage is French, Dutch and German and he was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 11, 1992.

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Taylor Lautner is apparently a sports fanatic, meaning he loves to play baseball as well as football* – running back and linebacker are his positions-of-choice. He roots for the college teams, the Texas Longhorns and the Michigan Wolverines. And before getting super busy with acting, Taylor used to hip-hop dance with an organization called LA Hip Kids among other activity groups.

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Some of the 17-year-old's favorites** include the color blue, Vans shoes, the ice cream flavor*** batter, steak with A-1 sauce, the movie 'The Last Samurai' and he's totally a dog guy. Taylor has said in passing that he would be down to become a director or a screenwriter in the future. And for anyone who's interested in Taylor's LOVE loves, he's been quoted as saying that he would want a girlfriend to be loyal, honest, fun, outgoing and someone who can be a dork.

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Now we know a lot of you guys are big fans and probably already know a lot of the info we've dished. That's why we want this to be an open forum for you to add any Taylor Lautner details that we didn't mention. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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As always, thanks for watching the show. Remember you can checkout Clevver.com for all of your entertainment news. I'm Dana Ward.

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c)  болеть за кого-л./что-л.;

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c)  someone who writes plays for film or television;

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d)  liking to meet and talk to new people.

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a)  Тэйлор Лотнер начал заниматься боевыми искусствами в шестилетнем возрасте.

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b)  Тренер Тэйлора убедил его пройти пробы для рекламы "Бургер кинг".

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c)  В десятилетнем возрасте он и его семья переехали в солнечный Лос-Анджелес.

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d)  Тэйлор любит играть в бейсбол и американский футбол, а раньше занимался хип-хоп танцами.

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e)  В будущем он хотел бы стать режиссером или сценаристом.

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Taylor intensely trained in martial arts starting from the age of 6, and through the years, he won several gold medals and ranked number-1 internationally in multiple Black Belt competitions.

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