Internet Words Form the Language of 2moro

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Архив новостей | Разместил admin 09.01.2010
Internet Words Form the Language of 2moro

Traditional spellings could be killed off by the internet within a few decades, a language expert has claimed.

The advent of blogs and chat rooms meant that for the first time in centuries printed words were widely distributed without having been edited or proofread, said Professor David Crystal, of the University of Wales.

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As a result, writers could spell words differently and their versions could enter common usage and become accepted by children.

Within a few decades, the spellings favoured by many internet users could replace the current, more complex versions, he said. Current spellings were standardised in the 18th century with the advent of dictionaries.

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It could mean that internet slang – such as ''2moro'' instead of ''tomorrow'' or ''thx'' for ''thanks'' – may enter into mainstream publications. Professor Crystal, a pioneer of language theory, said many spellings bore no relation to meaning or pronunciation.

''The vast majority of spelling rules in English are irrelevant,'' he said. ''They don't stop you understanding the word in question.

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''If I spell the word rhubarb without an 'h', you have no trouble understanding it. Why do we spell it with an 'h'? Because some guy in the 16th century said it was good to put an 'h' in to remind us of the history of the word.''

Professor Crystal said that before the internet, nobody could write something in print without an editor or a proofreader checking it.

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But now simplified and phonetically spelt words were likely to enter the vocabulary. ''There's been a huge movement over hundreds of years to simplify English spelling, because it is complex for historical reasons.''

''What you consider to be atrocious now may be standard in 50 years,'' he said.

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''There are people around who would treat what I said to be the voice of the devil, but one has to remember that spelling was only standardised in the 18th century. In Shakespeare's time you could spell more or less as you liked.''

Professor Crystal told the 20th anniversary conference of the International English Language Testing System that the internet would not lead to a complete breakdown in spelling rules. ''All that will happen is that one set of conventions will replace another set of conventions,'' he said.

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He said schools should not abandon the teaching of traditional spelling.

''Kids have got to realise that in this day and age, standard English spelling is an absolute criterion of an educated background,'' he said.

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''You're not going to get certain types of jobs if you don't spell well. The point is that they haven't been taught well.

''Teachers don't know how to teach spelling because they haven't done the appropriate linguistics … The blame is being put on the kids, but most of the kids I know who have got poor spelling regret the fact.''

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ОБСУЖДЕНИЕ: Напишите в комментариях, какие еще сокращения, аналогичные ''2moro'' (tomorrow) и ''thx'' (thanks), вы встречали в Интернете?




15.01.2010 в 13:49

I can remember "b4" instead of "before", "u" instead of "you", "y" supposes to mean "why". One my indian friend writes "good n8"... Especially I hate when they put "your" in a place, where should be "you're".



15.01.2010 в 15:17

u = you ur = your c = see c u l@er = see you later



28.01.2010 в 10:46

Ответ на:
sunny  15.01.2010 в 13:49
I can remember "b4" instead of "before", "u" instead of "you", "y" supposes to mean "why". One my indian friend writes "good n8"... Especially I hate when they put "your" in a place, where should be...
I'm abosolutely agree. Expressions like "How r u" are just killing me!!



01.02.2010 в 06:24

Ответ на:
kykyryzzzka  28.01.2010 в 10:46
I'm abosolutely agree. Expressions like "How r u" are just killing me!!


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